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FLOW: Why Should you Join our Free Company?

The following are our Free Company's founding standards. We are:

In a nutshell, this simply means that we play for fun. Players who join our Free Company may or may not be elitists, but we are not the type of players who judge or exclude others for being "behind" in content or not having the highest attainable gear in the game. It is our passion to ensure each member of our Free Company feels very welcome!

Despite being a casual Free Company, that doesn't mean we aren't active. Since we play FFXIV for fun, we are most definitely active. Players may only play for one hour each day, or may play for 10 hours each day–it doesn't matter. In addition, our Free Company's members are always using the /fc channel in the Chat Log–this IS an active Free Company, after all. ;D

Our Free Company holds friendliness in high regard, as we believe everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. Any blatant instance of disrespect should be reported to me or an officer, whom will then bring it to my attention. More information on this can be found in the official Free Company rules.

One of our core beliefs as a Free Company is to assist any players in need. This simply ranges from questions asked in the chat, crafts or raises to assistance with questline progression, raids, etc. Going out of our way to assist players outside of our Free Company also builds our reputation!

To summarise, our Free Company is not the hardcore type who consistently organizes raid groups in order to always be on top with gaining the best content or will demand you to join groups in order for their Free Company to generate gil or other items quickly (we form groups as people need them, however). We simply exist to be social, helpful and have fun! If your current Free Company's attitude is exhausting you by making you feel judged, ignored or treated unfairly by its members, try giving our Free Company a try, because we strive to make things FLOW as smoothly as possible in this way!

We support players who are new or veterans to the game, casual or hardcore, but most of all, players who are willing to help others in need in order to progress & be able to enjoy themselves.

We do NOT support players who never communicate when spoken to, players who are never active (please refer to our Free Company Rules for more info on this), players who are disrespectful, players who outright refuse to assist others and are unable to give a legitimate reason why. And, one of the most important people we do not support are RMTs (Real Money Traders, meaning you pay real-world money for gil, which is against Square Enix's TOS and is a bannable offense).

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